Reliability is a key factor when selecting life safety solutions.

domestic smoke alarm or smoke detector at ceiling
Close-up of Male Technician Checking Smoke Detector In Datacenter

Fire Alarm Systems

Detect fires early in their development which allows for time to safely evacuate occupants.

Surveillance Systems

Ensure that building security is notified at the first sign of trouble through a range of sophisticated security solutions from wireless cameras to alarm systems.

Security camera against illuminated urban skyline at night. Concept of surveillance and safety.
Security camera outdoors, surveillance 360 degree camera on modern building facade
Biometrical finger print scanner
Closeup shot of an unrecognisable scientist using an access card to gain entry at a door

Access Control Systems

Provide access to authorised personnel and restrict access to unauthorised people.

Public Address Systems

Make important security announcements using microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and related equipment.

Megaphone hangs on the wall and blue sky with clouds
Old loud speakers isolated on the blue sky background with white clouds.
Megaphones and ublic speakers on a pole. Announcement, warning, promotion concept.
Emergency siren. Shot of a siren speaker on a wall.

Voice Evacuation Systems

Control your security system with verbal commands using the microphone in the voice evacuation solution.

Building Management Systems

Control and monitor your building’s mechanical and electrical equipment with a computer-based control system.

City scape at night and network connection concept
5G network. Switch knob with different telecommunication standarts in mobile network.

Wireless Solutions Systems

Prevent unauthorised access or damage to computers and data using wireless networks.

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