Reliability is a key factor when selecting life safety solutions.

A complete security and safety solutions offering from one manufacturer.

For the past 100 years, Bosch has been continuously striving to meet one of humankind’s fundamental necessities – safety. Bosch Building Technologies is a leading global supplier of security, safety, and communications products and systems.

Buildings today do not only provide a safe, functional place for people to live and work. They can also cater for, and even respond to their needs while helping them work more efficiently and sustainably. The Internet of things (IoT) and sensor-driven technologies play a vital role in this. At Bosch Building Technologies, we are at the forefront of these new developments.

Bosch’s success is based on the integration of solutions and in the way we team up with customers and partners in order to develop together. We are unique in being a true one-stop-shop for any building technology application from smaller retail and commercial applications to industrial manufacturing, banking, healthcare facilities and larger shopping malls. With customisable solutions in everything from access control to fire prevention and public announcement to intelligent video security, we are helping redefine people’s relationships with the buildings they spend their time in.

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